Frequently Asked Questions

What is GEM Portal?

The FINSEC GEM Listing Portal is an electronic platform that provides a great opportunity for companies to apply for funding and/or listing on a recognised exchange for purposes of raising new or additional capital.

Who are the targeted participants?

All types of businesses entities (from start-ups, Emerging High Growth Businesses/ Micro Small to Medium Enterprises, mature big companies), Financiers and Advisors.

How do I submit an application?

First create an account under your relevant category, providing the necessary information required and then log in express interest.

What is the process to make an application?

The process is separated in 3 stages; Basic stage, Intermediate Stage and Advanced Stage.

What type of information am I required to provide for the application?

The amount of funding required, Basic company information, Company financial information.

Who provides funding for the applicant?

A pool of Financiers is ready to provide funding to an applicant which suits their investment appetite.

What are the funding options available?

Business entities will qualify for Debt Financing, Equity financing (Public and or Private) Outright business sale.

How long do I have to wait to get funding?

The waiting time depends on your speed of completing the application.

How does the GEM Portal assist me in finding a desirable investment grade high growth enterprise?

The portal comes with a robust credit scoring model which provides the necessary sell-side information required to make an informed investing decision.

What is my role as an advisor in the whole process?

Your role will be to receive incoming applications with analysis, assist applicants in complying with ongoing obligations as set by the funders/ investors and recommend applications to investors.

What is my role as a financier in the whole process?

Your role will be to receive analyst recommended applications, select applicants for further analysis based on investment criteria of your choice and ultimately provide funding for the applicants.

Is there need for collateral to get access to funding?

No. The system uses a robust rating and scoring model which leverages on data provided by the applicant.

How do i access the GEM Portal?

Go to the website using the following link: